For the past 5 years, I have been designing and decorating outdoor living spaces for my clients.  


In that time, I’ve have been fortunate to work and collaborate with many other talented professionals in the Sacramento area creating some amazing outdoor spaces. 


I created Outdoor Living Trends to give readers some visual insight on popular outdoor living trends & products. 


The most valuable resources I bring to my clients are my creative & thoughtful ideas on how to use their outdoor space.  This Trend Guide provides an avenue to share not only my ideas but also showcase other local professionals in the outdoor living industry.


Inside the digital pages of this Trend Guide, you’ll get a sneak preview of what you can expect from future issues of Outdoor Living Trends.


Each issue will contain inspirational trends, design tips, the latest products from local designers, landscapers, and other outdoor living professionals. 


This guide is completely digital & interactive.  If you see something you like, just click the green tag to shop it or learn more!


Marc Sanders 



Erika Pierce

Pacific Shade Sails

Content Contributor